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  Our Bulk Bags are manufactured to international safety standards.
They are available in reinforced four and two corner loop configurations which make them easier to handle and move.

Our Type C bags are compliant with safety standards for use in environments where flammable materials are handled and to ship flammable powders.

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We offer bulk bags with the following features:
Bottom spout for easy emptying,
Top spout for easy filling,
Duffel Top Type C with grounding for filling and packing,
Quick release.

These Bulk Bags are available in 0.5, 1 and 2 ton sizes.

Our Bulk Bags provide superior packaging, shipping and off-loading capabilities.

Bulk Bags are perfect for use in any industry.
The advantages of Bulk Bags include:

A bulk bag can carry up to 1000 times
   its own weight
100 % Recyclable
No pallets needed as each bulk bag has
   integral lifting loops
Reusable bulk bags fold flat to take up
   minimal space when returned
Colour printing turns the bulk bag into a
   mobile advertising board promoting
   company and brand or displaying vital
   product and handling information
Lowest packaging weight per tonne
Designed for easy recycling when
   working life is over
Customised to suit material, plant and
   distribution system 

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